25% Glass Filled PTFE Sheet - LV2030

The addition of 25% Glass Filled Fibres to PTFE enhances the Resistance to Creep and Wear compared to Virgin PTFE improving the Dimensional Stability and reduce the Deformation under Load.

With its enhanced material strength 25% Glass Filled PTFE Sheet is manufactured in to Gaskets, Washers, Slide Guides and Supports Systems.

Key Attributes

Temperature: -200°C up to +260°C

Chemically Resistant

Dimensional Stability

Low Co Efficient of Friction

Electrical Insulation

Low Moisture Absorption

Food Contact Compliant FDA 21 CFR 177.1550

Our stock range consists of

1200 x 1200mm Sheets       1-70mm Thick
1500 x 1500mm Sheets       1.50-3mm 
600 x 600mm Sheets            1-70mm 
We offer a cutting service from 3mm to 70mm Thick

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