Gapi offer an extensive Range of Virgin PTFE Sheets, complimented by our Cutting service.

Often referred to by its Brand name Teflon™, Virgin PTFE Sheet is the most commonly purchased grade of PTFE.

Excellent Chemical and Temperature resistance combined with low Co Efficient of friction make it a perfect choice for Gaskets, Washers, Pipe Supports and Spacers

Manufactured to the latest Worldwide Standards, our Virgin PTFE Sheets are Approved for supply to:

Our stock range consists of

1200 x 1200mm 0.25mm up to 80mm thick

600 x 600mm 1mm to 80mm

1500 x 1500 1mm to 6mm

200 x 1000mm 6mm to 30mm

Cut Pieces from 1200mm Sheet are available on request from 3mm thick.

Stock Code Description Thickness
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